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 Latias and Latios Part CH.4

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PostSubject: Latias and Latios Part CH.4   Latias and Latios Part CH.4 Icon_minitimeFri Jul 24, 2015 2:25 pm

Chapter 4: The garden, dedicated to legends
Adam opened his eyes slowly, and noticed a gate covered with vines opening to his right. A bright light came from that gate. It’s as if nothing lived here, or someone took care of this place very well. Adam slowly stood up and walked towards the gate. He covered his eyes, due to the bright light. He uncovers his eyes and gasped at the sight he saw. He was stunned from what he saw. A huge garden, filled with flowers and grass. Adam walked straight in and closed the gate behind him. He felt like this is the perfect moment of his life. He saw something about 10 meters away. A statue? Adam glanced at it. It looked familiar… Adam shook his head. He walked towards the statue. Figures of Latias and Latios on a pedestal. Seeing them twice was great, seeing them three times in one day is just plain weird. He read a small sign underneath those two legends he saw.
“This garden is dedicated to Latias and Latios, the two legends whose spirits surround this place.” Adam scraped the print. It looked slightly smudged. Adam’s eyes widened at what he saw. He read the print behind the description. “The one who has the matching aura of both Latias and Latios will awake the legends once again.” Adam looked puzzled. Will awake the legends once again… Was Latias he saw an illusion? It looked so real. Was it really just an illusion? Adam shook his head. Maybe it was. Adam looked around once more around the beautiful garden and walked away from the statue. A bright light filled the garden; Adam covered his eyes once again to miss the bright light reaching him. The bright light dimmed then stopped. Adam uncovered his eyes and saw a mansion in front of him. It looked amazing! Adam went towards the door to knock. As he did this, the door opened by itself…
“Strange,” Adam thought aloud “, it’s as if someone wants me to come inside.” Adam went inside and the door closed behind him. Adam jumped slightly. “Probably, just the wind.” He thought. He walked to a disc on the floor and crouched. “That’s odd… What’s a disc doing on the floor?” He felt a tingling in his pockets. Adam looked into his pockets and took out the shining thing out of his pockets. He took a card showing the soul dew. “Odd. I never saw this card before. It looks so real.” He put the card on the disc. “A perfect fit!” He thought. Suddenly, the disc started glowing and shined brighter than any torch he knew of. He stepped away from the disc as he covered his eyes. The disc with the card on it started spinning out of control. Adam ducked as it came hurtling towards him. The disc came again. Adam ducked trying to dodge as the disc kept on coming.
Adam felt tired dodging and moving all that time. The disc didn’t finish yet, Adam held out his hands. The disc went hurtling towards Adam’s hand and landed. A ball of light appeared in Adam’s hand as he felt a great power entering him. He felt like he could run like the wind. As the light dimmed, a small emerald ball was on in Adam’s hands. He was astonished from what he saw. A small green ball in his hands came from the card called the soul dew on the disc. “Curious. Very, curious.” He had no time to think what it was, because he heard a crashing sound from outside. “What was that?” Adam put the small green ball in his pocket and headed outside. What happened? Adam wasted no time by going straight outside. A stone was on the ground… A stone? Adam picked it up. Where did it come from? He saw a gap in the distance. Something was there before. Adam ran and saw the statue was blown to pieces! He was frustrated. The statue barely stood on its single stem of stone. He looked around for something, anything suspicious. He saw some sort of ‘animal’ (he thought) in the distance. The wolf (or jackal) was on two legs standing on its hind legs, as if it wasn’t a normal wolf/jackal. It has colours of blue, black and white with red eyes. It was Lucario... This one looked different to most Lucario’s. This one is looking for bloodlust (or so it seemed), looking for something to kill. It saw Adam. And looked at him, studying him, judging him. Adam stood as still as a statue, holding his breath. The Lucario stood still as well, and then suddenly ran away. Adam looked puzzled, what was it afraid of? He was about to find out. He felt a strong breeze on his back, it blew him slightly forward! A Latias and Latios appeared behind him. Latias looked as red as it should, while Latios looked a brilliant blue. The card art and the ones in this world had the exact same colour palette. They also had the same design with something on (what seemed to be) their chest. The Latios just stared at Adam. Latias asked (using telepathy)
“Is it you?” Adam covered his mouth. “Is it really… You?” Adam just stood there still covering his mouth.
“Latias, he doesn’t recognise us.”
“But… He has to. He just has to.” Latios used telepathy just like Latias does.
“Human, what is your name?” Adam uncovered his mouth.
“My name is Adam.” He replied.
“Wait,” Latios started “, we need to make sure that it’s the real one.”
“But, I know it’s him. I saw him in the human world.”
“Latias!” Latios stared at Latias “I told you once before, it’s unsafe to roam in the human world.” “Think about it. How else would he get to this garden?” Adam stared at them. They were arguing like an old married couple.
“Guys,” Latias and Latios looked at Adam “, both of you have a point. Latios was right; it’s not safe to roam in my world. You could have been caught! Latias is also right, I felt like she was going to send me somewhere else. Except I was sent here. Some part of me told me that I was part of this world. As if I had a previous life.” Latios started.
“I think you have a point. Latias, now you can say it…”
“It is you! You are part of our family. The lost dragon!” Adam looked confused.
“Wait… What do you mean……? Lost Dragon?”

Wow, It has been too long since I uploaded the last chapter on this website. But don't worry, the story is not dead, I just had a lot of work to do and I didn't have enough time to put this up, so this is the next chapter, don't worry, there is still more to come!
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Latias and Latios Part CH.4
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