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 Favorite Youtube Battlers?

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PostSubject: Favorite Youtube Battlers?   Favorite Youtube Battlers? Icon_minitimeMon Jan 26, 2015 5:18 pm

Everyone has/had idols they looked up to in Pokémon as they became more and more adept with the games. Who are some of your favorites on Youtube atm? Explain why as well. Here is my Top 4 in no particular order.

1. Shofu: Okay I lied (kinda). Shofu is my #1 favorite battler/commentator. I get it. A LOT of people seem to hate this man. Is it JUST because of Diggersby Tho? Cuz that was funny. *ahem* Anyways... Shofu was the first battler I watched on youtube about 4 years back and I've kinda grown with him as I've evolved as a battler. I've always liked his humor and his way of explaining his thoughts in his battles as to why he made a certain move. At times he can explain a little "too much" where it seems like he's reaching for an excuse for a poor play rather than admitting his mistake, but we all have a bit of pride in us. He has a lot of creativty to his craft with videos and I thoroughly enjoy it. His Pokemon Cyphers are epic, and His "Bodybag" weeks were my favorite where he would post a battle of him 5-0 or 6-0ing someone and he added plenty of humor to it. I mostly enjoy his PS Live Sessions with PK, Joey and the rest of the gang. They make it fun to watch.

2. Haydunn: Easily the funniest battle commentator on Youtube. Idk what else more there is to say. The guy just has a monotone voice that makes just about everything he says funny. He isn't the best battler in the world, but he has some good skill and with his humor he adds a level of teaching that you can receive from watching his videos as well. What I enjoy the most is that he doesn't just stick to the OU Tier. Instead he does a lot of UU, RU and NU and occasionally he bring those kinds of pokemon to OU battles and pulls off wins. Haydunn is a prime example that you don't need OU Pokémon to win in OU.

3. Pokeaimmd (Joey): Almost everything I've learned about competitive battling I got from watching this guy. He takes lots of time just to explain his moves and he even shows his pokemon sets, what spread works best for what teams and how to effectively use them. His knowledge is unmatched and I admire how wise he is.

4. ShadyPenguin: Creativity at its best. Shady goes to lengths beyond most youtubers with his layouts and his video ideas. Road to Ranked is one of my favorite series that he does. He battles in all sorts of tiers and battle styles from normal 6v6 to Battle spot to VGC. His energy that he brings in his videos is contagious and he never seems to lose his cool.

That's about it. I didn't wanna make it too long lol. Let's hear yours!
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Favorite Youtube Battlers? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Favorite Youtube Battlers?   Favorite Youtube Battlers? Icon_minitimeMon May 11, 2015 10:05 pm

My 4 favorite poketubers in general are
Tamashii Hiroka
Shady Penguin
Nate Wants To Battle
The King Nappy
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Favorite Youtube Battlers?
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