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 EV Training Guide

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PostSubject: EV Training Guide   EV Training Guide Icon_minitimeFri Apr 19, 2013 7:20 pm

Hey I created a guide on ev's and how to ev train so I thought I would post it here. If you see any wrong info, see I'm missing something, or have any questions feel free to ask. This guide based on 5th generation and some things about ev training may be different depending on what generation game you are playing.

What are EV's
I guess the best place to start is by explaining exactly what Ev's are. EV's stands for effort values. Effort Values are a point system that helps you distribute stats however you see fit. For every 4 EV points you have you get one point added to which ever stat they are in. (Ex: If I have 16 ev points in speed then I have 4 stat extra stat points in speed.)

What are the limits of EV's?
Sounds great so why doesn't everyone just ev train their pokemon until they have 999 in every stat? The answer is EV's have limits. You can only have 255 ev's in one stat and a pokemon can only have 510 evs.

How do I EV train
To get an ev all you have to do is go faint a poor pokemon but wait which evs am I going to get? That is depends on the Pokemon you faint. (To find out which pokemon gives which evs go here, pick a pokemon and sees which evs it gives because they are all different.)

So lets say I wanted to train my pokemon in attack I could just go out and faint 255 patrats (Patrats are worth 1 attack ev point). Then I would have my max attack however that can take A LONG TIME. So there are a few ways to speed up the process.

1. Pokerus - Pokerus doubles the amount of evs you get. So now every patrat I faint is now worth 2 attack ev points.

2. Macho Brace - Just like Pokerus it doubles the amount of evs you get and it works with pokerus. So now lets say my pokemon has both pokerus and is holding the macho brace. Now every patrat I faint is worth 4 attack ev points.

3. Power Items - The power items are the items that say power infront of their name (Ex: Power Weight). These items add 4 evs after you faint a pokemon. However each of these items has a particular ev that it adds. For example lets say my pokemon is holding the power weight and it faints a patrat (This is without pokerus). My pokemon would get 1 attack ev point for fainting the patrat but it would also get 4 HP ev points because it is holding the power weight. So wait what if my pokemon is holding a power item and has pokerus. Then you would get 2 attack evs from fainting the patrat and you would get 8 hp evs from holding the power weight which is a total of 10 ev points.

What are some other ways to get EV's
Don't like fainting poor pokemon well then there are a few ways to get EV's without fainting pokemon.

1. Vitamins - Vitamins (Ex: HP Up and Protein) give +10 evs to the pokemon that uses them. However this only works for the first 100 evs in each stat. For example lets say I have a pokemon that has 50 evs in Hp. I could give it 5 HP Ups. However lets say I have a pokemon with 150 evs in HP but only 50 in attack. I couldn't give it any HP Ups but I could still give it 5 proteins. Pokerus does not affect vitamins.

2. Wings - Wings (Ex: Health and Muscle wing) give 1 ev point in the stat they are assigned to. However unlike vitamins you can use as many as you want. So if I really wanted to I could give 255 Health wings to my pokemon and it would get 255 hp ev points. Pokerus does not affect wings.(Note the pretty wing does nothing.)

3. Join Avenue - The Join Avenue has two shops that gives EV's. The Café and Dojo.
The Dojo will have a stat name and a lv next to it. It will raise that stat by the number as the level. Lets say I used Attack Lv64 on my pokemon. My pokemon just gained 64 evs in attack.
The Cafe has the Power Lunch and Secret Dish. If you get the Power Lunch it will add 20 evs to a stat and if you get the Secret Dish it will add 48 evs to a stat.

These numbers are important to ev training. As you know you can only put 255 evs into a stat with a max of 510 evs per pokemon. This mean each stat gets 63.75 extra points. However the ev training system rounds down. This means that each stat is actually only getting 63 extra stat points meaning the .75 is going to waste in each stat. However if you only put 252 in each stat you have 6 ev points left over meaning you can put one extra stat point somewhere. You might be saying to your self is that extra stat point worth keeping track of 252 evs instead of 255. Come talk to me after you lost to an opponent who survived by 1 hp point.

How can I tell what evs my pokemon already has?
There is no way to tell. In b/w2 you can call Bianca on the Xtransceiver and if you click look at effort she'll tell you one of two things.
1. Your pokemon could work harder - AKA you don't have all of your evs yet
2. Your pokemon have worked really hard - AKA you have all of your evs
She'll also tell you which stat has the most evs in it. In bw there is a girl in Opelucid City in a building behind the pokemon center. She'll tell you if your pokemon has worked hard or not but unlike Bianca she won't tell you which stat has the most evs in it.

When Should I begin EV Training
Since there is no way to tell what evs a pokemon has it is best to start ev training a pokemon as soon as you get it.

Can I get rid of evs
Yep there are a few ways to do this.

1. Berries - Pomeg, Kelpsy, Qualot, Hondew ,Grepa, and Tamato Berry will get rid of 10 evs from a certain stat depending on the berry. You can get these berries from either the dream world or you can buy them from a lady on route 5 (B/W2 only).

2. Join Avenue - The Beauty Salon has massages that lowers EV's in a stat by either 50, 100, or gets rid of all of them.

Anything else...?
Once a pokemon has all of it's EV's it is safe for it to battle other pokemon. Rare candies,the day care, and friendship do not affect EV's.
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EV Training Guide
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