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 1 Week till PWL Season 2 Begins!

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1 Week till PWL Season 2 Begins! Empty
PostSubject: 1 Week till PWL Season 2 Begins!   1 Week till PWL Season 2 Begins! Icon_minitimeMon Aug 25, 2014 9:31 am

Hello Warring Trainers! (credit to the Lord of Cinder for that one! I like it!)

As Monday is September 1st, a reminder that we will begin Pokemon Wars League Season 2! Season 1 can basically be considered to be from the release of X/Y till Monday. Season 2 will run until 31st January, 2015, after which this process will repeat. A reminder that there will be a badge reset. Here's, in detail, what's going to happen:

Badge Reset
All current badges will be removed and replaced with a Season 1 Badge. They are as follows:

If you collected at least 4 active badges:
1 Week till PWL Season 2 Begins! S1-b11

If you collected all 8 badges:
1 Week till PWL Season 2 Begins! S1-s10

If you were ever the Champion at any point during Season 1:
1 Week till PWL Season 2 Begins! S1-g10


Gym Pages
Gym Leaders: Please put your Season 1 Winner/Loser lists inside a spoiler like this:

Season 1 Challengers:

Code is:
[spoiler="Season 1 Challengers"]Put the list here[/spoiler]

And then open a new Season 2 list

Please also begin giving out your NEW SEASON 2 BADGE you selected from GC's announcement thread.

Current E4 Challenges
If you have started an E4 challenge and have defeated at least 1 E4 member you have one additional month to complete your challenge. If you become champion, we will retro-actively give you the Season 1 Champion Badge

Name Colors
Name colors will not be modified. These are one-time earned achievements, can be earned in any season, and are permanent.

3ds friend code: 1822-0013-0289
1 Week till PWL Season 2 Begins! 10356271_10202120524168789_7254604402206593708_n
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1 Week till PWL Season 2 Begins!
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