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 Gliscors galore

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PostSubject: Gliscors galore   Gliscors galore Icon_minitimeThu May 29, 2014 2:05 am

Ah, Gliscor. One of my least-favorite pokes - until I got my own.

Without a doubt, it wants to run Poison Heal and a Toxic Orb - who wouldn't like to heal 1/8HP per turn?

With that, you want to stall a bit... So, Protect is a staple.

But that's about all the different sets agree on. The most popular one I've seen runs as follows:
Protect, Toxic, Earthquake and Substitute.

Pretty straightforward troll/physical wall-mon. STAB Earthquake covers its worst weakness, 4X ice. Obnoxious, but completely crippled against Water, Flying and Grass pokes, which can wall it or outright kill it. Rotom-W is a fantastic Gliscor breaker, often killing it with a single Hydro-Pump.

A rarer set uses Baton Pass, Substitute, Swords Dance and Protect/Earthquake/Toxic for even more trolling potential.

But none of these sets exploit the fact that Gliscor is HOLDING A TOXIC ORB. And, sometimes, it's not holding anything at all...

So, without further ado, here's my favorite: Earthquake, Protect, Fling and Acrobatics

So far this little guy has single-handedly swept three teams, including a full roster of legendaries (Darkrai can't sleep what's already got an ailment!) The dual STAB moves, clocking in at 165 attack and 150 attack, are enough to 2HKO all but the beefiest of physical walls. It can tank through (with max HP EVs) most anything but major STABed ice attack and proceed to take a bit bite out of its attacker before regaining, at minimum, 1/4 of its max health prior to a switch or, if you can outspeed the threat, killing your opponent.

Also, it's fun to throw poisonous rocks.
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Gliscors galore
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