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 Latias and Latios Part 2 Ch.3

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PostSubject: Latias and Latios Part 2 Ch.3   Mon May 19, 2014 6:07 pm

Chapter 3: He is coming back home, back to us!
Adam opened the door to his house.
“Mum! I’m home!” No reply. “Dad?” Still no reply. “Jan!?” No sound. “Jan, if this is your idea of a joke, you’re dead!” Adam ran upstairs and knocked on his own door. Nothing came from inside. Adam opened the door carefully, it seemed no-one was inside; he looked inside and tried the light in his room. The light flickered and failed. He tried switching off and then on again. Nothing. He got a torch and checked his room. Nothing touched for at least an hour at most he guessed, or maybe more. He checked his room for anything strange. Nothing of interest. He went out his room and locked the door. He went downstairs and looked in his living room. Nothing suspicious here. He checked the dining room and the kitchen. Nothing suspicious. He decided to check… the attic. Adam gulped. He’s never been inside the attic, who knows what he might find there… Spiders? Tarantulas? Bugs?? He hated spiders, tarantulas even more. Bugs are just as bad as spiders. He dreaded the thought of going in there. Be he had to, he had no other choice. He grabbed a step ladder from his Mum’s bedroom and put the legs underneath where the floor of the attic would open. He lifted off the lid and looked inside with his torch. He climbed into the attic. Nothing seemed to be in here. He felt something hard. It was just suitcases. It was. He heard someone or something flying into the house. Uh-oh! He forgot to close the window in his room. He couldn’t remember if the door of his room was locked or open. Anything could fly through there! It was coming for him. He just knew it! He could hear that thing swooping to where he was sitting. He felt the suitcase on his back. He knew what to do! Quickly, he opened the suitcase, and scrambled inside to hide from this “thing” that was coming for him. He felt safe, he felt claustrophobic, but he had to hold on! He heard the thing coming into the attic. It looked like him. Just with strange hair… Who was this? How can she even fly? She looked around and then climbed down. A light appeared as she landed on the floor with both feet. Adam carefully left the suitcase and looked where the girl was. That was no girl. It was a Latias. It looked like the one on his card. He checked his card of Latias. Then he looked at a real Latias in his bedroom, looking for him. The Latias on the card looks identical to the one on the card, just this one was real. It even had the same colour Palette! Why is this thing here? He climbed down and saw Latias, she wasn’t moving. But she was doing something… Adam was creeping over to her. Something was glowing in his pocket. He covered his eyes as a card in his pocket glowed brighter; it was the card of Latios. Now what? He covered his eyes and the whole room glowed. Latias saw this from behind and grabbed Adam. The whole room shined with this light, he disappeared with Latias, holding onto him. He heard her say (if it was her).
“Do not worry Adam,” A voice started
“You are coming home, to us…”
“Telepathy.” Adam thought as he fainted in the warm light that he was engulfed him.
Believe me. I took ages to get this done.
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Latias and Latios Part 2 Ch.3
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