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March's Pokemon of the month is Latios!

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 Latias and Latios Part 2 CH.2

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PostSubject: Latias and Latios Part 2 CH.2   Sun Apr 06, 2014 4:47 pm

Chapter 2: The Greatest cards of all time!
“What!” Matty exclaimed. Adam explained everything to him. “You have Latias and Latios. Let me see them!” Adam looked at him. He looked completely psyched that he got them. He sighed and gave them to his friend. “Thanks.” He took them from Adam’s hand looking at them in Glee. If his friends saw him two of the legendary cards in his battle, they would be so jealous!
“Can I have them back now Matty?” Adam asked. Matthew hesitated. “Hello? Is anyone in there?” Matthew shook his head.
“Huh? Oh yeah, sure.” He gave them back to Adam. He heard a voice calling out to Adam saying;
“We hope to see you soon…” Matthew thought he hallucinated there for a second. Who knew if he was right or wrong? He decided not to tell Adam. He knew Adam would think that he was crazy if Matthew told Adam he could hear a voice from the card.
“Welcome to the Pokémon card championship!” Everyone roared with cheer as they saw the finals on the stage. “On the left corner, the winner of the main champion five times, Jacque!” A caped boy came from the left and sat himself with a deck of cards. “And, on the left corner, a new challenger to reach here to the end since the first round. Can he beat the champion? He is Adam!” He came from the right corner and sat on the other side of Jacque, with his own deck of cards. “Both players put down your prize cards.” Both Adam and Jacque picked six random cards and placed them in the prize pile, so they can be collected later. “The same rules apply, every time you defeat an opponent’s card, you get to choose 1 card form the prize pile.” Jacque and Adam locked their eyes. The announcer knew what this meant. “They have locked their eyes together. We know we are going to see a heated battle now. Draw!” Adam and Jacque drew their cards, and started to play.
“I’ll start.” Jacques started.
“Go ahead.” Adam replied. Now, the real thing began.
“Adam, select your prize card.” He looked at the two cards he had. He touched the card and heard a voice.
“We believe in you.” Adam shook his head and put it in his hand. It was Latias. Latios is in his bench. That was just pure luck!
“This is the final battle!” The announcer said. “The two players have 1 prize card left! Who will win this year?” Jacque stared at Adam. How did he beat five of his cards? He used potions, full heals, antidotes and Paralyze heals, for Arcues’ sake! How?
“Jacque, make your move.” He nodded. And drew a card. Nothing useful. He had Charizard with high health, with energy too short to use flamethrower. “I pass.” Adam was stunned. The champion doing nothing. No matter what, Adam wanted to win, and nothing would stop him. “I retreat.” The audience gasped. “And I send out Latios!” The table they played on glowed as a projection of Latios came out of a projector. It looked amazing!
“Wow!” The audience looked dumbstruck by this.
“Any last words?” Jacque just sat there.
“Latios,” Adam started “… Psychic.” The stage glowed as Latios used the move. 100 damage! Charizard was done for! Adam picked up his last prize card, and the crowd cheered. Adam has just won!
“We have a new champion. Adam!” The card announcer gave Adam a trophy and a special-limited edition pack of cards. “Let’s hear it for our new champion.” The audience cheered and roared. Jacque sat behind him. Jacque loses to no-one! He took out his knife from his jacket, raised it and decided to go for Adam’s heart.
“Look out!” Adam dodged out of the way before Jacque could kill him. That was close!
“I should have won that!” Jacque went for Adam again. Adam went out of the way. “I never lose to anyone!” He threw his knife at Adam. Adam ducked. And moved away from the knife. This time Jacque pulled out a gun and pointed it at Adam’s head. “You, ‘new champion’, you… Are done for.” Jacque shot and missed. Adam heard a familiar voice.
“Run!” He didn’t waste a second! Adam turned around, took his cards, and ran away. Everyone back there was screaming, while the guards tried to keep Jacque back as Adam made his escape. He panted as he got away.
“That was close,” He gasped “… Too close.” He held his pack of cards and trophy close to his chest as he hurried back home.
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Latias and Latios Part 2 CH.2
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