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March's Pokemon of the month is Latios!

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 Latias and Latios Part 2

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PostSubject: Latias and Latios Part 2   Wed Apr 02, 2014 5:01 pm

Chapter 1: Is he the one?
Adam is a 10 years old and loved the Pokémon series ever since he was little. He was just the person that would challenge anyone to a battle of Pokémon cards, or even the game on his console. He lost a few times. But he did his best in all of the battles he fought. He gets nervous under pressure, but he tries to keep his cool when battling. He always wondered one thing. One thing that kept on biting him on the back of the head. How would it be like living as a Pokémon? He always wondered what it would be like to live like one. And he might have a chance one day. He wondered, how could they survive the cold nights when there’s barely any light? How can a Legendary survive when there’s barely anywhere to go or anywhere to get food and drink for them? Adam wondered, but knew that would never happen in a million years. Latias and Latios saw this and decided at the last day of his school year, the first day of the summer holidays, they would teleport him to their garden and live like they do. They waited for the perfect moment. Just to get him in their sights…
Adam was walking around town when he saw a Pokémon card on the ground. He looked at them carefully. Had someone left them there? How dare them! He looked at the names carefully and noticed they both started with the letter ‘L’. He thought of the many names that sprung to his mind until he saw the cards shine on the cover. Adam’s eyes widened. Could it be? He picked them up, wiped of the dust and saw… The cards of Latias and Latios! Adam was speechless! He found two legendary cards, and they shine in the sunlight. Adam put them in his deck while putting two other cards from his original deck into his backup deck. He can’t wait to try them out. Who to show them to first… He knew who to show them to first. Matty. Matty always had a way of knowing if a Pokémon card was useless or useful. He just knew that way! He picked himself up and ran to get a train to Melos. Latias and Latios telepathically thought to each other, “He’s the one”. And they knew how to surprise him.

I know, It's not exactly a sequel. But I am working on this for a long time. So far I have over 10 chapter. Hope you like this first chapter Very Happy 
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Latias and Latios Part 2
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