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 Far's mini gym - Generational Battles!

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PostSubject: Far's mini gym - Generational Battles!   Thu Nov 14, 2013 4:38 pm

Hi Everyone!

Which Pokemon game has been your favourite so far? Are you still a fan of the original Red version? Or are someone who likes Dark or Fairy types? Choose your favourite 'mons from the history of this great game, and battle me! Essentially, you have to choose a generation and pick only those Pokemon. For example, if you pick Generation 1, you can use Dragonite, but not Tyranitar. If you choose Generation 2, then you can't choose Dragonite.

Detailed Rules:

1) Follow all Pokemon Wars Rules with a few exceptions
   a) Drizzle + Swift Swim is allowed
   b) There is no sleep clause
   c) Excadrill and Blaziken are allowed
2) All battles are on Gen 6 games
3) You may not have duplicate items - that means you can only have 1 leftovers, 1 life orb etc. on your team
4) You must pick a Pokemon generation and your team may only have Pokemon that first appeared in that generation!
   a) It's not enough that an unevolved version of the pokemon was available before - that means you can't use Kingdra unless you choose Gold/Silver
   b) Obviously, you can still use all Gen 6 movepools, hold items etc... We all know Outrage didn't exist in Gen 1, but you're still allowed to put it on your Dragonite
  c) Mega Pokemon count as their non-mega forms, even though all Megas are technically Gen 6; this means you can't use Mega Mawile if you pick X/Y, but you can if you pick Ruby/Sapphire.
5) You must declare your generation pick in the Pokemonwars Chatbox before the battle begins! The Challenger will declare first.

I await challengers Very Happy


1st Challenge vs. Vayatti (Gen 1 vs. Gen 4): Winner = Far (Gen 1)

3ds friend code: 1822-0013-0289

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PostSubject: Re: Far's mini gym - Generational Battles!   Thu Nov 14, 2013 9:35 pm

Love the mini gym Very Happy will challenge as soon as I get a team that meets the requirements Razz

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PostSubject: Re: Far's mini gym - Generational Battles!   Fri Nov 15, 2013 11:37 am

I'll battle you! Once I get a new SD Card....
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PostSubject: Re: Far's mini gym - Generational Battles!   

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Far's mini gym - Generational Battles!
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