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 Pokécheck Basics

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PostSubject: Pokécheck Basics   Pokécheck Basics Icon_minitimeSat Oct 12, 2013 5:53 am

In this guide I will try to show you all how to use pokecheck in the most simple of ways. You won't even need a computer or pokegen software, all you need is your Ds. Above all, I want to show you how to upload your pokemon into the site. Though I'll also show you a ''cheap'' little way to pick up any pokemon with any desired Ivs, nature, moves, and what not. If you want to learn how to legal hack your very own specific pokemon... That's a whole different story, my main priority is to get you all acquainted with pokecheck.

Depositing/Receiving Pokémon

Uploading your Pokemon is pretty useful in all cases, as this provides immediate access to every single detail you could possible want. Mainly the pokemon's Ivs, Evs, and above all its legality. Main reason I'm doing this guide. Most of this is self explanatory, really. As a matter of fact, all you need to know is thoroughly explained in their homepage: https://www.pokecheck.org/

I'd recommend viewing their page first. Now, the most important and simplest step: Changing your connection's Dns settings. This is how pokecheck delivers and receives pokemon. So, this is something you need to know. I only have a 3Ds, so I'm not so sure if I'm quite correct with these model's steps. Again, pictures are available at pokecheck's main page, so I won't bother bringing any pictures.

  {Nintendo DS / Nintendo DS Lite}
1. Start your Pokemon Black/White game
3. Select "Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings"
4. Select the connection that you're using
5. Scroll down, than put "Auto-obtain DNS" off, end edit the Primary DNS to : (just ignore the secondary DNS)
6. Save your settings and you're done!

  {Nintendo DSi / Nintendo DSi XL}
1.Go to "system Settings"
2.Go to page 3 in the Settings
3.Click on Internet
4.Click on Connection settings
4.Go to step set a or 5b
5a.Click on conection1,2,or 3(Which ever one you're using)
5b.Click advance settings
6a.Click Change Settings
6b.Click on conection4,5,or 6(Which ever one you're using)
7a.Go to the DNS and click no if on yes
7b.Click Change Settings
8a.Head to step 9
8b.Go to the DNS and click no if on yes
9.put in primary DNS

  {Nintendo 3DS}
1. Go to the "Home Menu".
2. Launch "System Settings".
3. Click on "Internet Settings".
4. Choose "Connection Settings".
5. Select the connection that you're using.
6. Click "Change Settings".
7. Click the arrow and then click "DNS".
8. Select "No" for "Auto-Obtain DNS".
9. Enter given into the Primary DNS (just ignore the "Secondary DNS").
10. Save your settings and you're done!

Trouble? No? Good, now go to any Pokemon Center, and to the second floor of the Pokemon Center. Enter the Global Terminal (right side, next to the Geonet A.K.A that giant Earth balloon) and do Global Trade-GTS-Trade. This is it. Now you can either receive a  pokemon or upload one into pokecheck.

Uploading Pokemon

If you want to upload a pokemon, just make a deposit as if  you were going to casually trade using the GTS. Once you make your deposit, you should get error code 13266 This error means that your pokemon was successfully accepted into pokecheck's fake Gts. If you didn't get the error code 13266 or your pokemon was actually accepted in the GTS, by disappearing into a pokeball, chances are that you mistyped the DNS. Your pokemon mustn't disappear. In smaller cases, your ISP could be blocking pokecheck's DNS server. The only way to solve the ISP issue is to connect to pokecheck using another connection. This is personally my case, go out for a walk and see if you find any unsecured connections to use. That's what how I solved it. If you followed the steps correctly, go to pokecheck's main page and click ''manage my pokemon'' to see your pokemon's info.

Receiving Pokemon

Now, the moment you all waited for! Or should I say, skipped to? Once you have all your DNS settings properly set up, you can receive any pokemon you want. While receiving pokemon from pokecheck, sometimes, you may notice that the pokemon was holding an item. Pokecheck isn't meant to give out free items, so at times, even if you specifically asked/added an item to a pokemon using pokegen, or received a pokemon that claimed to be holding an item, you may not actually receive the item. However, you will be able receive any type of berry 100% of the time. Receiving pokemon is actually less complicated than uploading your own pokemon. first, go to pokecheck's main page and sign up. All you need is an username and a password. You can give your e-mail in case you forget either one. I personally gave out my e-mail; never received any spam, so I'd say it's safe. Well, the rest is honestly self explanatory: click the giant box at the top for the pokemon your looking for. Click Filter, to ask for something far more precise. Once you've found a suitable match, click on the pokemon's sprite. It'll now show you all the aspects of the pokemon you chose. Take a moment to make sure the the owner trained the pokemon properly, and a quick look at the Ivs. Once you decide what you want to take home,  scroll down, until you see a few boxes. First of all click the ''show legality analysis'' box in order yo be sure the pokemon is legal. You  should see some colors:
Green = Perfectly legal hacked.
Orange = Suspicious, but possible within game, therefore legal.
Red = Illegal. Like a pokemon from the entree forest without a dreamball.

Just to avoid any confusions, this is what you should look for:

As you can see, its Iv spread is obviously hacked, but its orange, not red. So it is legal. This Ninetales can be used in the random battles, as well as here in the Pokemon Wars. That being clear, the final step to receiving your pokemon is to click the box tittled ''Queued for download on the GTS'' box. Afterwards, you can go pick up your pokemon at the GTS in any PC. Once you enter the GTS, you should see a pokeball land in the dark void, this animation should occur right the second you enter the GTS. If you are seeing the main menu of the GTS is because you didn't change the DNS settings, mistyped the DNS digits or your ISP is blocking pokecheck's DNS servers.

How to load a Battle Video

This feature is the best, one that can be used by any trainer and above all the testers here at Pokemon Wars. Battle videos give you a glimpse at all the pokemon within the battle(yes,even the opponent's), natures, PID, OT, Ivs, Evs, abilities, base stat, even the item being held. All you need in order to upload  a battle is an account at pokecheck. You can upload any type of battle, first, make sure to record it, then just upload it to the GTS, except this time you needn't worry about anything at all. No DNS, no ISP, just upload it as you would normally. You will then be given a series of digits. Write them down somewhere, then go to pokecheck. You can watch your video by either entering your trainer ID(every video ever uploaded) or enter the assigned video's digits in the topbox that asks for it. Easy as ABC, right?

Feel free to ask any questions. That is if you made it this far Razz

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(thanks, bud!)
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PostSubject: Re: Pokécheck Basics   Pokécheck Basics Icon_minitimeSat Oct 12, 2013 6:41 am

I think i am probably retarded but does this let you legal hack for any pokemon you want.
So i could get a lvl 100 shiny patrat from using this?
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PostSubject: Re: Pokécheck Basics   Pokécheck Basics Icon_minitimeSat Oct 12, 2013 8:12 am

Great post!
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PostSubject: Re: Pokécheck Basics   Pokécheck Basics Icon_minitimeSat Oct 12, 2013 10:12 am

Great guide SS! This will come in handy for those getting into competitive battling. It's also noteworthy that it comes in handy for checking Pokemon legitimacy. While 5th Gen Pokes are easy to hack and bypass the legitimacy checker, it's still handy for verification.

Blue wrote:
I think i am probably retarded but does this let you legal hack for any pokemon you want.
So i could get a lvl 100 shiny patrat from using this?
It only allows you to get Pokemon that other people have uploaded and allow public distribution. So if there isn't a shiny level 100 Patrat uploaded, you won't be able to get one. Or, if there is uploaded but the owner disallowed distribution, then again you won't be able to get it. However, most players allow distribution so it shouldn't be too big of an issue. Just watch out though, there are some really messed up hacks floating around too.
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PostSubject: Re: Pokécheck Basics   Pokécheck Basics Icon_minitimeSun Oct 13, 2013 1:20 am

Is it weird that I read this in my 6th grade science teacher's voice...?

Anyway *cough* nice post. Very informative... Yeah maybe that was crossing a line of weird...

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PostSubject: Re: Pokécheck Basics   Pokécheck Basics Icon_minitime

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Pokécheck Basics
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